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Winter Blankets The Land, And Than Just Hope Has Died Prevented From Invading The Fhrey Homeland By The Tower Of Avempartha, The Western Army Seeks A Way Across The Nidwalden River Before The Fane Obtains The Secret Of Dragons As Time Runs Out For Both Humanity And The Mystic Suri, The Only Chance For The Living Rests With The Dead Having Made Their Fateful Choice, Can A Handful Of Misfits Do The Impossible, Or Are They Forever Lost To An Inescapable Grave Do Gods Truly Exist Is It Possible To Know The Future And What Lies Beyond The Veil Of Death In The Tradition Of Virgil S Aeneid, Dante S Divine Comedy, And Milton S Paradise Lost, The Most Epic Of Tales Transcend The World Of The Living It S Time To See What Lies In Elan S Age Of DeathFrom Michael J Sullivan New York Times, USA Today, And Washington Post Bestselling Author , Comes The Second To The Last Installment In The Epic Fantasy Series, Legends Of The First Empire The Series Chronicles A Pivotal Point In Elan S History When Humans Rise Against The Fhrey Who They Once Saw As Gods Set , Years Before The Riyria Tales, Legends Is A Standalone Fantasy Series Which Is Independent Of All Other Elan Stories That Said, If You Do Read The Other Books, You Ll See Lies Revealed And The Truth About Historical Figures Unmasked Age of Death

About the Author: Michael J. Sullivan

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    I don t review my own books, but I do use this space to update readers So here goes12 20 19 Hardcovers are coming off the presses on Dec 30 Signed early pre orders bought directly from us will ship January 6th Click here to pre order a copy 10 19 19 We are back from New York we were there for the start of the recording of the audiobook We still have at least one, and maybe two days of recording left We are finding some very minor ad

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    Age of Death took an astounding turn in the direction of the overall story, and it was brilliant This book is aptly titled as it would be the death of me We have yet another cliffhanger ending as the second arc of The Legends of the First Empire series is shaping up to be one continuous story It was excruciating to say the least, but I can empathise with Sullivan in struggling to find a suitable point to break off for each volu

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    Beta read went through it rather quicklyGamma read very few changes I think some of the chapter titles changed, but I ll have to compare the two versions to be sure 4.5 starsThis book felt so short, yet it s over 400 pages The book starts off with Brin, thankfully, right where the previous book ended This book also has a cliffhanger, but I don t think it s quite as agonizing as Age of Legend.About half the book follows the seven as they e

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    WTH was that ending I was warned it will end in a cliffhanger, but I expected a milder one, like in the previous volume, not like this Damn Well, at least I should be happy that with Kickstarter I ll get to read the final volume in February, not May.Anyway, despite the vexing ending, I very much enjoyed the book It picks up the story from the previous volume but now its focus is on the fellowship view spoiler trying to save Suri hide spoiler

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    With Suri in the hands of Fane Lothian, Nyphron is convinced he no longer has a chance of winning the war Persephone finds herself alone Her brave friends who went to save Suri are dead, but Malcolm tells her that there s still a chance they could return The group who willingly entered the land of the dead are the Rhunes only hope.Age of Death like Age of Legend ended in a cliff hanger At least I know I won t have to wait too long for the last

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    Send help for I am not okay thAT IS NOT HOW CLIFFHANGERS WORK GODAMIT MICHAEL IT S PURE CRUELTY THAT S WHAT IT IS While it certainly feels like a middle book it s still a real good read Also I expect a big bang in Age of Empyre aND I M READY FOR ITAlso a reminder that Suri is the Preciousest of Precious and I love her If you came here expecting a proper review, you have came to the wrong place view spoiler also I had half a panic attack at least t

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    But but you can t end a book like that Other than the cliffhanger ending this book mostly felt like filler Although we got to know of the history of the world, and I always like that sort of thing Quick disclaimer the version I read was only 349 pages, not 420 like it says here on Goodreads 3.5 stars

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    Best yet.

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    The endingTHE ENDING.need the next book now D Review to come, loved this book

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    4.5 stars This has been my favorite of the Legends series so far Went by quickly and left me wanting the next book.I have a tendency to get a little impatient with certain parts of the Legends series books Since there are things going on in different locations, with different characters, you have to go back to some of the less exciting spots from time to time I do find myself just wanting to be back where the action is, and have a tendency to try to get throu

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