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The Worst Best Man Lina and Max had undeniable chemistry that lept off the page Seeing their relationship grow frow reluctant business partners to made for a thoroughly enjoyable read that I couldn t put down And as always, I adored the family aspected included in the story Lina s big, supportive family filled my heart with warmth, while Max s tenuious relationship with his brother kinda broken my heart Fun, flirty, and amazing chemistry, The Worst Best Man is an entertaining romcom you wont want to put down. When I started this book, I was loving this story and these characters Nothing gets me like a good enemies to lovers romance and Lina really hated Max when he encourages his brother to break up with her on their wedding day Flash forward five years and Lina and Max have to work together on a project that could earn Lina the job of a lifetime Of course, she wants to keep Max as far away as possible, but Max is determined to do his fair share and help her win the job My favorite part of this book was when Max and Lina had to pretend to be a couple and it gave me so many Unhoneymooners vibes Lina was trying everything to push Max s buttons and test him, but he took everything in stride Their bantering was so fun and I loved how Max genuinely liked Lina and wanted her to see he wasn t a good guy I also loved how they were working on wedding planning I love movies and books surrounded around weddings, so I enjoyed how Lina was working on weddings throughout the book When Lina decided she didn t like Max any, I kind oflost some interest in the romance I love enemies to loves and the angst that comes with that Once they re done hating each other, that angst and tension is over and I wanted it to last a little bit longer I also wasn t a fan of the overly malicious character at the end that felt like of a soap opera conflict So I loved the first half and enjoyed the second half But if you want a fun enemies to lovers, pick this one up A fun, steamy tale of self worth and learning from your bad choices Three years ago, wedding planner, Catalina Santos was jilted on her wedding day ahh how awful anyway but to happen a wedding planner Lina s ex fianc s brother, Max broke the news, and was also apparently the cause of her fianc s departure Now Lina has to work together with Max if they both want to succeed in their careers.Firstly I am really surprised at the bad reviews of this book, compared to the ratings of similar books I get that this book isn t for everyone, but it was made clear in the synopsis that the romance would be between Max and Lina She was with his brother years before, and the brothers are not close, but it is what it is If you can t get past that, then don t read it It s not something I ve personally seen or would feel comfortable with in real life, but it has happened we ve all seen Jeremy Kyle or your own country s equivalent seedy talk show and it is written well here I feel Also there seems to be hate directed at Lina for taking her abandonment out on Max, rather than Andrew her ex fianc My take on this is that it wasn t really hate, it was like ah crap we re in a mess and I shouldn t be attracted to you but I am, but will pretend that I m not kind of situation The book wasn t perfect, but it made my heart flutter and it was very sweet.I think what made this stand apart from other rom coms though, was the Brazilian culture I ve read romance books which have included some token diversity to tick boxes, but it felt really genuine in this book I loved reading about all of the Brazilian food, the Capoeira, the dancing and I loved the scattering of Portuguese language throughout The culture was so vibrant and I really loved it I adored Lina s family and the dynamics that they had They had a really strong bond and were a lot of fun I especially liked Lina s cousin Natalia and her aunt who were so dramatic and hilarious Catalina was a great main character She had made mistakes in the past so had become closed off and acted professional at all times She spoke about having to work hard to not come across as over emotional as a woman, which I related to so hard It was especially hard for Lina as an Afro Latinx woman, as she didn t want to come across as the angry black woman So instead Lina held all her emotions inside, guarded her heart, and chose safe options, or she did until Max dismantled her armour I loved how we gradually saw the real Lina emerge as Max got to know her better She was so kind and caring, yet was still a strong woman I also appreciated Lina s insecurities as a second generation immigrant She felt that she had to work extra hard in order to repay her mother and aunts for all of the sacrifices that they made for her and her cousins But I LOVED her mum s view that she had made those sacrifices so that Lina didn t have to work so hard Max sigh..what a main character He was so likeable A calm and patient man, who realised that he had been a bit of a douche when he was younger, and had grown up and taken responsibility for his past actions He had great chemistry and banter with Lina, but not only that, they developed a real friendship I loved his bromance with Dean too, and can t wait for the next book to be about him Hopefully we will get to see lots Max and Lina in The Wedding Crasher too There were a lot of tropes in this book like the sharing one bed trope, the wedding planner falling in love etc and it was such a funny and sweet book I just fell head over heels for Max, Lina and her family There were a couple of niggles, hence not a five star read for me Firstly I would have liked to see of Max s family The whole sibling rivalry with his brother was brought up a lot, but wasn t really dealt with, plus I would ve liked to see about their mum Why did she encourage them to compete so much How did she react to Lina What is her relationship like with her sons outside of wok, where she s not just their boss Also an epilogue would have been nice, where we actually got to see Lina and Max together, but hopefully my need for this will be addressed by reading the next book Overall I really enjoyed my first Mia Sosa book, and loved the characters, so bring on the wedding crasher Many thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss for this ARC in exchange for an honest review IDK guys These two made me tired DNF 80 %ARC received from publishers via edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewPublication date 4 February 2020 I was provided an ARC from Harper Collins Canada The negative reviews on this book makes no sense to me because readers complained about the dialogue being too choppy and not up their alley It s their opinion and it s fine but I never found it in the way they described it The writing was smooth, witty, and outlandish in the way that many romantic comedy readers enjoy nowadays What I would understand is if their negative reviews had something to do with the fact that they didn t have much conflict that stopped them from being together or that the villain of this story easily gave up his position, and spilled his guts Regardless of this book s faults, I truly enjoyed this ride It featured a lot of Brazilian and Puerto Rican food culture that made me hungry for Mia Sosa did a fantastic job at creating Lina, a strong willed, female who knows that because of the color of her skin and her gender, her emotions shown would be amplified and used against her Lina built up walls so that the outside would never see her crumble and lose her cool I was a little hesitant when I realized she was doing a facade because I ve read many romances where our females are too strong and come off unnatural unrealistic but I was happy that Mia did a good balance of strong and soft for Lina She was human in that way This book also featured Max, a younger brother of a noble older brother Their relationship isn t the best due to how they were raised by their parents They like to compete with each other than they love each other and it was so sad to see these two boys not trusting each other at all I felt sympathetic for Max who always came second best His lack of confidence in himself as a person, a boyfriend, and an employee would be his downfall For what it s worth, this book was fun Lina was jilted at the alter all because Max had to stick his way into her relationship with his brother She wanted to take the high road, unconvinced that she needed to be petty, when she was forced to work with Max on a giant proposal but her childish friends poisoned her thoughts Similarly, Max s best friend, Drew, played a part in convincing Max that he should not pursue his feelings for Lina because of what readers feared most it would be a very awkward family meeting I thought it was interesting to see our main characters being good people but have their support group drag them down to become petty and childish Following up on Drew s point that Max shouldn t date Lina because of the obvious reason that it would be weird when his older brother who is also Lina s ex joins for dinner, it is weird I think Mia could have done a better job here where they create a bit of angst and umph to make the stakes higher Someone outside of the dynamic trio that can cause a ruckus to make readers nervous for the couple The story played out with a light touch to this topic but never flushed out enough to make it a real issue This will be one of my first 2020 reads that really surprised me It was refreshing because instead of a giant row or a situation that stops the characters from being together, it s themselves that do so Their insecurities regarding their self worth and identity stopped them from really being together I imagine this to actually happen often in real life than readers would like to think Because of this perspective, I applaud how Mia spun this tale I think it would be a 5 5 star rating if they had just a tiny bit angst My Recommendation DEFINITELY PICK THIS UP. On paper hah , there s nothing wrong with this story It s diverse, there s communication, it s sorta enemies to lovers, or reluctant rivals y to lovers, whatever, there is friction, and there s other good things But I was bored pretty much from 8% right on through to the end Suffice it to say, my Wheel of Fortune app got a lot of attention the last day or so.But anyway.Yes, points for diversity, points of tackling sensitive and relevant topics such as acceptable behaviours for people specifically women of colour Except I didn t feel anything The playful almost hate banter in the beginning Odd or juvenile and sometimes both The sudden attraction Not a single zing The touching warming up to each other moments Yawn The sexy times They felt I don t know, awkward Too much talking Too much something I don t know The weird transitions Weird.Also, this is a weird criticism, and one I m making again that I made in another review just recently, but this whole going hard to be socially savvy or relevant, by having all this dialogue around certain topics is I don t know, overkill I m sure there s a way to touch on all these hot button issues without making the reader feel like they are being condescended to, or preached at, but maybe some readers aren t as dialed in or don t mind I don t know what it is And I doubt I ll ever be able to articulate my feelings on this properly But It s just a lot.Anyway, this never really got better, but nor did it deep dive into anything terrible, and yet here we are This was my first Sosa and while the concept appealed enough for me to request it, there was no feeling in the writing or the story Or at least nothing that made me feel anything So I doubt I ll pick up this author again.I think other readers will like this, particular those who enjoy Sosa s writing So don t take my word for it Try a sample and see how it goes.1.5 stars I received an ARC from Edelweiss and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities. Feb s pick for the Romancetheque Book Club Yes, that s right, I started a Book Club And yes, we read only romance And yes You totally need to join clears throat We need romance books with heroines of diverse heritage like Carolina SantosThing is, he says, his chin resting on my head, there is no single way to be a badass Your mother and aunts coming here and making new lives for themselves Badass My mother running her own firm even after she and my father divorced Badass You facing the obstacles in your path and reinventing yourself in the process Badass There s room for different kinds of greatness Even if you cry doing it Hell, especially if if you cry doing it Rating 4.5 5What a lovely surprise this was And Max Oh my gosh sweet and warm Max.I am honestly shocked at the lower than 4 stars average rating this book has on goodreads I m pointing that out because this book had all the elements for making your heart beat a little faster Even if not absolutely perfect, it was such a sweet and solid romance novel for me, and one that I think is worth putting on your 2020 tbr.Don t be misled by the synopsis nonetheless, because this is not quite an enemies to lovers It s of a holy crap are we in a pickle now and I think I should not really like you so I m just going to tell myself I don t if you know what I mean.Basically, Carolina Santos was left at the altar and the one in charge of telling her is her fiance s brother, Max On top of that Not only was Max the messenger of the bad news but he was also the catalyst of his brother running away on his wedding day Even if Max couldn t remember what he drunkenly said to his brother Flashforward to the present Carolina is presented with a huge job opportunity that would make her the associate wedding planner of a prestigious hotel Enter her former fiance and former fiance s brother Max Like, literally They walk into the meeting room where Carolina is having her interview, making her going full on panic mode, pretend she doesn t know them, and end up having to work with the lesser of two evils Max.Throw in Carolina s need to stay in control at all times and to keep the armour she has so carefully crafted around her emotions Add the Max s need to separate himself from his big brother and to proof that he is his own man and that he is worthy And bang, you got yourself a super fun and swoon worthy story Because what if they find out that maybe they are incredibly compatible That they simply get each other on a level no one ever did PLUS, a heroine with Brazilian heritage y all The Santos family was an absolute delight to read about Copy via edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Avon books for gifting me a copy of The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa Out February 4 I ve been reading all the romance lately I ve never read anything by Sosa before but I enjoyed this one a lot I m so here for the diverse characters, Brazilian culture and the steaaaam Three years ago, wedding planner, Lina was left by her husband to be on their wedding day Max, her fianc s brother, was the one to tell her it was over Now, Lina is killing it in her career and has a chance at a huge opportunity to grow her business The downside, competing with her ex and working with the brother OOP I really liked it 4 This wasn t a perfect book for me, but I did end up enjoying it a lot than I expected to I really felt the chemistry between the two main characters and I appreciated that, although the book starts off on a pretty ridiculous note, the characters grow A LOT by the end of the novel and ultimately end up making some very Adult decisions I will say though, the sex scenes in this one were p awkward I felt like the author was trying to make them overly sassy and it really just took me out of the scene and made me feel awkward reading them Overall, this one was fun and I recommend if you enjoy a zany rom com, but it wasn t a complete new favorite. Critically Acclaimed Author Mia Sosa Delivers A Sassy, Steamy Enemies To Lovers Romantic Comedy About A Woman Whose New Job Requires Her To Work Side By Side With The Best Man Who Ruined Her Wedding Her Ex Fianc S Infuriating, Irritating, Annoyingly Handsome Brother Perfect For Fans Of Jasmine Guillory, Helen Hoang, And Sally Thorne A Wedding Planner Left At The Altar Yeah, The Irony Isn T Lost On Carolina Santos, Either But Despite That Embarrassing Blip From Her Past, Lina S Managed To Make Other People S Dreams Come True As A Top Tier Wedding Coordinator In DC After Impressing An Influential Guest, She S Offered An Opportunity That Could Change Her Life There S Just One Hitch She Has To Collaborate With The Best Make That Worst Man From Her Own Failed Nuptials Tired Of Living In His Older Brother S Shadow, Marketing Expert Max Hartley Is Determined To Make His Mark With A Coveted Hotel Client Looking To Expand Its Brand Then He Learns He Ll Be Working With His Brother S Whip Smart, Stunning Absolutely Off Limits Ex Fianc E And She Loathes Him If They Can Survive The Next Few Weeks And Nail Their Presentation Without Killing Each Other, They Ll Both Come Out Ahead Except Max Has Been Public Enemy Number One Ever Since He Encouraged His Brother To Jilt The Bride, And Lina S Ready To Dish Out A Little Payback Of Her Own But Even The Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry, And Soon Lina And Max Discover Animosity May Not Be The Only Emotion Creating Sparks Between Them Still, This Star Crossed Couple Can Never Be Than Temporary Playmates Because Lina Isn T Interested In Falling In Love And Max Refuses To Play Runner Up To His Brother Ever Again

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