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The Look-Alike From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Other Girl And Justice For Sara Comes A Thrilling Psychological Drama About A Woman Who Believes She Escaped A Brutal Murder Years Ago But Does Anyone Else Believe Her Sienna Scott Grew Up In The Dark Shadow Of Her Mother S Paranoid Delusions Now, She S Returned Home To Confront Her Past And The Unsolved Murder That Altered The Course Of Her Life In Her Mother S Shuttered House, An Old Fear That Has Haunted Sienna For Years Rears Its Ugly Head That It Was She Who Had Been The Killer S Target That Night And Now, With It, A New Fear That The Killer Not Only Intended To Remedy His Past Mistake He S Already Begun But Are These Fears Any Different From The Ones That Torment Her Mother As The Walls Close In, The Line Between Truth And Lie, Reality And Delusion Disintegrate Has Sienna S Worst Nightmare Come True Or Will She Unmask A Killer And Finally Prove She May Be Her Mother S Look Alike, But She S Not Her Clone

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    Another interesting, fast pacing thriller is centered on mother daughter dysfunctional relationship and mental illness Thrilling elements, intriguing, attention taker clues was like breadcrumbs spread around the pages push you harder follow and find them to solve the case The author was completely genius of misl

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    I freaking loved this book Sienna has been living with her grandmother for ten years in London When Sienna was a teenager she found a girl dead in the snow, when she was walking back to her dorm room The girl was one of her classmates Sienna thought she might of been the killers target that night since her classm

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    What time is it there Same time as it is in Tranquility BluffsI ve come home Sienna Scott spent the last ten years in England, escaping from a brutal murder and her paranoid mother.Ever since Sienna was born, her mother has had paranoid delusions regarding her daughter s safety You can t protect your

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    Meh.2.5 stars The Look Alike is a psychological thriller about a woman who stumbles across a murder victim She comes to believe she was the intended victim, leading her to question her sanity.There are two look alikes in this book There is the murdered girl who was wearing the same coat as Sienna And then th

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    I haven t read any Erica Spindler thrillers in a few years but have always loved them She deftly lobs red herrings and masterfully misdirects while delivering excellent characters.This book does a great job of sensitively illustrating the impact of mental illness on entire families but manages to weave it into the m

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    I read this book in one sitting Or perhaps laying is the accurate term Or is it lying Anyways, that s unheard of for me.You re probably saying to yourself Self that s you , she that s me must have reallyyyy loved this book And you d be right, however, there s absolutely no reason for me to have enjoyed this book 1 I

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    2.5 2.75 starsOn a dark winter s night, Sienna Scott comes across a young woman who was just murdered She soon begins to believe that she was the intended victim as that was the path, she always took home after her study group Plus, the dead woman was wearing a coat that looked just like hers Sienna s mother who suffe

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    The Look Alike is a psychological thriller about a mother and daughter relationship Sienna Scott comes back from England after living with her grandmother for the past 10 years She was sent away after finding a murder victim at her college years ago Meanwhile, her mother has been diagnosed with a paranoid disorder that

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    A book doesn t always have to be filled with twists and turns for it to be a good read I enjoyed this one because I had so many theories floating around in my head as to who killed the young woman but I never knew for sure what happened until the author revealed everything at the end It was definitely a page turner If I

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    This book has interesting ideas The mental health on paranoid delusional is a new read for me Going through life with constant worry that someone is out to get you is tough At times I m annoyed that it s the focus of this book instead of the killer potentially killing the wrong girl and so it takes away the thrill On the

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