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In Our Other Lives A Provocative Novel About Abandoned Faith, Heartbreaking Loss, And Inescapable Government Scrutiny In The Heartland Of A Post NationAmerican Missionary And ROTC Cadet Tyler Ahls, Long Missing In Pakistan, Has Just Surfaced, Proselytizing In An Afghani Terrorist Propaganda Video For Omaha Nurse Elisabeth Holland, It S A Shock That Her Brother Is Even Alive Now She Must Ask Herself A Grave Question Is He A Hostage Or A Traitor Seasoned FBI Special Agent Frank Schwaller Is Asking This Too He S Come To Nebraska Armed With Countless Hours Of Video, Audio, And Email Surveillance The Object Of His Unyielding Gaze Is Elisabeth But The Schwaller Uncovers About Her From Her And Tyler S Evangelical Christian Upbringing To Her Shattered Youthful Dreams To Her Broken Marriage To A Drifter The Mystifying Elisabeth And The Two Men In Her Life BecomeTo Find Out The Truth About These Entwined Lives And The Desperation That Comes From Love, Fear, And The Need To Disappear Agent Schwaller Will Discover How Even The Most Lonesome Corners Of The Plains Can Be Darkened By The Long Shadow Of WarFrom Kings Of Broken Things Author Theodore Wheeler Comes An Exploration Of Love Lost, The Failure Of Humanism, And The Revelations Of How Deeply The US Government Spies On The Personal Lives Of Its Citizens

About the Author: Theodore Wheeler

Theodore Wheeler is author of the novels In Our Other Lives Little A, 2020 and Kings of Broken Things Little A, 2017 , and a collection of short stories, Bad Faith Queens Ferry Press, 2016 He has been recognized with a Marianne Russo Award from the Key West Literary Seminar and a fellowship from Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany A graduate of the creative writing program at Creighton University, Wheeler teaches at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, covers a civil law and politics beat for a national news service, co directs Omaha Lit Fest, and sidelines as a bookseller for the Dundee Book Company roving book cart, one of the world s smallest bookstores.

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    Arranged in a series of files, this book is centered on Elisabeth Ahls and her extraordinary journey through grief as those close to her leave in one way or another One of those would be her brother Tyler who, after being thought dead while hiking in Pakistan, has surfaced in a video that may or may not denote a terrorist connection The story is of today, and the concept, original, with a federal agent keeping close tabs on everyone yet becoming a participant himself There is much that is eni Arrange

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    Thank you to Little A and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This book left me feeling unsettled On the surface, you think, or rather are told, it s a story about a young, naive American evangelical proselytizer who disappears in Pakistan Afghanistan and then suddenly reappears in an Islamic propaganda video, and the federal investigation that ensues. But really, it s a story about the young man s sister, and how she deals with a series of shattering blows and events in her Thank you to

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    In Our Other Lives is a very modern story of the effects of terrorism on a culture and loss on an individual The book takes lace mostly in Nebraska where Elizabeth Holland lives She is a single mom after her husband abandoned her and their son shortly after his birth And her brother disappeared in Pakistan some time ago Then her brother, Tyler Ahls, show up on a propaganda video bringing the FBI to town.FBI Special Agent Frank Schwaller arrives in Omaha, Nebraska, to investigate the family o In Our Other Lives i

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    A video has surfaced of an American missionary ROTC cadet who has been captured in Pakistan Is he a target or a traitor Is he dead or alive Captive Tyler Ahls is less the focus of this novel than his sister, Elisabeth, who sits at the center of the story Her husband has left, her dreams of motherhood have been shattered and she s rebuilt her life from an evangelical Christian upbringing to a nurse in Omaha Nebraska FBI agent Frank Schwaller has arrived in the heartland with his surveillanc A video has surfaced of an A

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    This book had me captured from the beginning as I emotionally invested in the characters The mysterious plot kept me wondering what was going to happen to Tyler Ahls in his journey I highly recommend this book Everyone will be able to relate in some manner.

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    This is one of those stories with multiple timelines where I am really wishing there was a table of contents so I can go back and piece together the various events of the characters.I liked the Nebraska connections including the Safe Haven Law story.It s overall a sad story but intriguing I admire the author s tackling of some complex contemporary issues.

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    FBI Special Agent Frank Schwaller arrives in Omaha, Nebraska, to investigate the family of Tyler Ahls, a young man who disappeared in Pakistan but has now shown up in a terrorist propaganda video Schwaller s task is to determine if Tyler is a hostage or a traitor who poses a threat to American people Much of the investigation focuses on Elisabeth Holland, Tyler s sister We learn of her marriage to Nick Holland Nick abandoned the marriage soon after the birth of their son Caleb who then died FBI Special Agent Frank Schwaller arrives in

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is an incredible book I round it up to 4.5 The story is intriguing deep It draws you in and the writing is fabulous I was especially drawn into Elizabeth s story as there are so many parallels to my own I live in Omaha and previously lived in Chicago I was reading this just after a visit to Chicago and an L ride through Elisabeth s neighborhood so I could vividly imagine the streets described In Omaha, the author describes streets I frequently use and I felt

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    I really enjoyed this story it ropped me in from the beginning It is a story about love, loss, and family drama It reminds us that family isn t always what they seem and some get mixed up in things they shouldn t It also tells a story about how sometimes people you love don t turn out to be the people you thought they were and coming to terms with that I would recommend this story to others Thank you to netgalley for this advance copy.I received this advance copy free for an honest review.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway Once I started reading, I couldn t put this book down It tells a great story of love and loss I didn t expect to read so much about the family dynamics and drama, but it couldn t have been written any other way As I kept reading the story, theI became invested into it This is the first book I have read from this author and I will be looking forafter reading this book I would recommend this book to anyone.

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